Hill Country Hunting at it's Finest!                       


Exotic trophy fees are in addition to a hunt package or a daily fee of $250.  A minimum of 2 daily fees must be paid and includes the harvest of 1 wild hog.  Daily fees and hunt packages include food, lodging and transportation on the ranch.  Guides will drop you off at treestands, ground blinds, or elevated tower stands.  All exotics are free ranging and present a challenge to any hunter, because many of the animal herds have been naturally reproducing on the ranch since 1980. 
Trophy Fees 
Aoudad Ram                      $2800
Aoudad Ewe                      $600
Axis, sika, and fallow bucks  $2200
Blackbuck antelope buck      $2600
Blackbuck antelope doe       $375
Red Deer Stag                   $4000
Red Deer Hind (female)        $500

*If someone wants to come along on the hunt with you, observer fees are $150 daily.

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